STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 January 2017

The Sapeornis Image We Know

Matt Martyniuk's Sapeornis looks a bit like a hawk or a falcon. Jeff Powers also went with that look for Sapeornis. The exact look of the bird is actually unknown, but that is a good start. Many other illustrations have shown the bird as a sparrow-esque or corvid-like (think ravens and crows) animal. Regardless of how the bird is envisioned, artists have done wonderful things with the look of the bird. Not all of the illustrations are magnificently and brilliantly colored, but as of yet we do not know what the coloration of Sapeornis may have been. Michael Rothman's illustration is one of those that is less colorful; however, it is still a beautiful piece and it exhibits an amazing  representation of the tail feathers that were discussed the other day.

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