STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 February 2017

Famous Tongue Click

Nqwebasaurus is the only dinosaur with a name that includes a tongue click. It is also the only basal coelurosaurian from South Africa and one of the earliest theropods found in the entirety of the continent. These two reasons for popularity have fueled inquiry and interest in Nqwebasaurus but its name is difficult to say and spell, which has stalled some of the general popularity that the dinosaur has been subjected to or affected by (depending on your stance). The strange general popularity lack for this dinosaur even makes the illustrations of the dinosaur somewhat rare. There are interesting facts that are less well known about the dinosaur that could make it even more interesting or popular with the general (non-scientist) populace. One of these is the lesser stressed identification of possible gastroliths in the abdomen of the dinosaur, pointing to an herbivorous diet. Gastroliths are stones that are smoothed by mechanical manipulation in a muscular organ such as a gizzard or crop. These stones are used to grind tough fibrous foods so that an animal does not need to chew and rechew and chew its food again to break down the strong vegetation to get at the nutrients contained within.

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