STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 February 2017

Scenes of A River

Some of the best scenes are murals and I thoroughly enjoy the immense extended scenes that murals present to the viewers. Today's artistic interpretation of Stupendemys appears as a character in an elaborately detailed mural-like piece. Clearly this image comes from a book, but would work as a mural (also calling this a two page spread is less flattering than calling it a mural). The Miocene flora and fauna around Stupendemys are all of an older style. The art itself and the coloring also betray the age of this piece; there is no attribution accompanying this image online. Regardless of its age, the scene is well presented if not fanciful, considering the massive amount of animals at the river's edge. The waterway shows a considerable number of the animals we know lived with Stupendemys as well, something not seen outside of mural style illustrations of an animal and its environment.

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