STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 February 2011

The many, supposed, colors of a Dryosaur.

Dryosaurus is your pretty basic dinosaur as far as looks are concerned. Tail, small head, body, arms and legs, nothing spectacular here. That doesn't mean that Dryosaurus hasn't been portrayed with different colorations though: the mottled look below


A slightly different mottling (with our buddy from last week the Ceratosaurus in hot pursuit too!)

and a plain green

The problem we have with dinosaurs is, of course, their coloring is pretty much non-discernible most of the time. Thanks to human intuition and deduction as well as an understanding of science and nature, I think that we've come quite far in getting it narrowed down to a good educated guess. Regardless, all of these animals depicted above are very well depicted. I like the coloring of the one that's interacting with the humans a lot and I'm going to figure out what's going on up there for is today.

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