STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 February 2011

Some Nano videos.

Welcome to Monday. There are a few movies for Monday; thankfully we won't have a repeat of yesterday! First of all, there's Jurassic Fight Club which approaches the idea of a Nano hunting juvenile T. Rex. Interesting idea. Then two Dinosaur George answer sessions have questions related to Nanos

In one of them he also calls the Dracorex-Stygimoloch-Pachy debate totally unrealistic, in his opinion, but it made me laugh because he was so adamant about it. Anyhow, he treats Nanotyrannus as its own species, which is what we're trying to decide on this week, so it's a nice opinion to add to our evidence. Tomorrow I'll have more evidence for and I'm looking like crazy for evidence against, to be fair.

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