STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 February 2011

Two old discoverers revisited today.

The type species of Ceratosaurus (nasicornis) was described by O.C. Marsh in 1884 and redescribed in 1920 by Charles W. Gilmore (last week's describer of Camarasaurus). The next two species, magnicornis and dentisulcatus (Welles and Madsen), were then described in 2000. Paul notes in his latest book magnicornis may be a descendant or misplaced nasicornis and then includes dentisulcatus and one other unnamed species. Meriani, ingens, and stechowi, however, are also described species from the Morrison Formation. My assumption is that meriani, ingens, and stechowi are lumped together as the unnamed species by Paul, but I haven't thought to ask him, so only he knows for sure.

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