STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 February 2011

Zuniceratops, grandfather of Triceratops

An ancestor of (almost) everyone's favorite Cretaceous tank, Zuniceratops was one of the first animals, and the earliest humans have found in the Ceratopsian family, to wield large brow horns. Small differences, including the cow like size of adults compared to the rhino and larger size of Triceratops and others, show that Zunis are the grandfathers of later Cretaceous frilled herbivores in North America. This is the kind of thing I'm trying to get into grad school to study! This wee's picture was lent out courteously by its creator, Julius Csotonyi. Everyone should check out his other work as well.

PS- I'm going to spend some time redesigning this blog this evening, so it may look a mess all weekend, but I'll have it sorted out and the Zuni posts will be ready on time every day.

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