STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 March 2011

Pink Palace

The Pink Palace Museum in Memphis is on the struggling end of putting together a dinosaur exhibit. Part of that lies in the fact that I am sure it's not the most popular tourist destination in Memphis. It does address a good chunk of the world and it does include the natural world including the history of the natural world and dinosaurs. I attempted to put together my first shots at panoramic photos (albeit not the greatest first attempt, but okay) and you can find these below.

The coloring on the Dilophosaur tail gives away the change in angles a lot more than the Mososaur, but you can tell with that too since I left the edges in.

What really struck me though, was this:
Just to the right of this image is a dinosaur family tree in which it clearly, and correctly, shows Triceratops sitting atop the Ceratopsian branch on the Ornithischian side of the dino family tree. So why, then, does this image show Triceratops possessing a saurischian hip? My plan is to contact the museum and make them aware of this. I could have done it when I was there but I did not see one curator, administrator, or otherwise in charge looking person. I'll keep everyone updated on how this turns out. Just so you can see that I'm not making this up:

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