STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 April 2011

Articles and books

This week I haven't found any good whole articles on Ornitholestes. Well, I hadn't, I should say. Then the Theropod Archives, the last place I generally look because I usually have to email the wonderfully nice gentleman that runs it to look for articles, came through for us today. Two articles on Ornitholestes have been archived here. Both were written by Henry F. Osborn and the 1903 article names and describes Ornitholestes hermanni while the 1916 article discusses skeletal adaptations in this and two other dinosaurs (Struthiomimus and Tyrannosaurus). These are very great historical pieces of paleontology and should be enjoyed (I'm eating breakfast while reading them and relaxing, it's wonderful!). Therefore, I leave you to enjoy them in peace.

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