STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 April 2011

A word on movie related Tarbosaurus stuff.

Tarbosaurus is a movie star, check it out above. Also, he's been in some documentaries that are posted below. Being such a fierce animal has its perks when it comes to being in the public eye. Think of all the animals that get movies made about them or are the stars of the show in movies or circuses or the zoo. The cute and lovable animals have their place, but the top predators are typically the most sought after spectacles. Tarbosaurus does not disappoint in this aspect in the documentaries it features in. Attacking much like a T rex is thought to have attacked; using its powerful jaw to snatch its prey and its powerful legs to stand its ground. However, in the first documentary we can see that this also places bipedal carnivores in precarious positions which may be lethal (here the animal is hit in the ankle, in Walking with Dinosaurs a T rex suffers a broken femur and dies, in the Big Al special the Allosaurus breaks its foot while chasing prey and dies from infection/starvation later on) while trying to take down heavily defended prey items.

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