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STL Science Center

03 May 2011

Dimetrodon in newsprint

Actually, we all know it's not newsprint that we look for here. However, I do have an article on the description of a new species of Dimetrodon, D. teutonis from the Lower Permian of Germany (which, if you know your history of Germany, makes the "teutonis" part make a lot of sense). That is found here. I also have a 1904 reading of a paper by E.C. Case on the morphology of pelycosaur skulls. This one I haven't admittedly perused yet, but the subject matter, even given the century old date, holds a lot of promise as some interesting as heck stuff. You can find that article here. There are hundreds of other papers, but one more specifically I wanted to share was about the evolutionary line of perm-triassic therapsids which, of course, has roots in pelycosaurs and other synapsids of the Permian Era. If you are also interested in this you can read it here. For those with time and curious minds feel free to look through the search results that I dragged these three papers out of from Google's Scholar. There wasn't anything on Plosone today.

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