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STL Science Center

23 May 2011

Gorgonops the movie star

Inostrancevia, a European Gorgonpsid, is a more likely candidate than an actual Gorgonops for this first video here because Gorgonops did not actually live near Scutosaurus who has been found in the Perm region of Russia, near Siberia whereas Gorgonops species are typically found in the southern reaches of Africa. Here's the video all the same:

Next I feel it important to share a huge pop culture reference, at least it is if you watch BBC ever, because without the first episode of the show Primeval Gorgonops wouldn't have really hit the limelight very well. Granted it is involved with Walking with monsters, but not as many people will tune in for documentaries as they will for anything on in prime time no matter what the show is. The animal appears twice in the show, in that first episode and in another episode later on. Here are clips from both episodes:
(the Gorgonops suplex is brilliantly executed by the animators actually).

Also, there was the brief wonder of Walking with Monsters which came out after Dinosaurs and is a great deal more complex and scientific in its own ways. These include looking inside the animals at their adaptations, though we have to admit as scientists that it fails at times just like Dinosaurs did. Regardless, Gorgonops was a major character in the final episode of that series, as seen here:
(This is the start of the episode, parts 8 and 9 finish it for those that don't own it, you know I do!)

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