STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 May 2011

Movie Madness!

Edaphosaurus appears whenever Dimetrodon appears in proper documentaries. Therefore we can say with 100% sureness that Edaphosaurus has appeared in some type of film media as some species or other. The Paleoworld series episode "Tale of a Sail" mentions these animals as prey items and shows a few skeletons and artistic impressions of Edaphosaurus. These visual representations are the run of the mill type interpretations that we went through on Saturday of this week.
Edaphosaurus isn't really that mean!
 Walking with Monsters, however, revamped and updated the look of the Edaphosaurus a little bit speeding them up a little and giving them a more mammal-like movement of facial muscles so that they almost convey emotion. The main emotion that they convey, either way, is fear during this episode as they are, once again, shown as prey. However, before the hunting sequence they are portrayed as rather cow-like animals (I promise they even moo), as I have mentioned before, though with a lizard-like face. They are less iguana influenced than some of the illustrations we looked at on Saturday, but noticeably still lizard-like. Check them out just grazing and lazing in the documentary (the second clip is longer being that it begins about 3 to 4 minutes before Edaphosaurus shows up):

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