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STL Science Center

05 June 2011

Cryolophosaurus for kids

No Dino Fact File today, sad! I love those because of the timeline and global pointer that shows the kids some visual info about the animals. Anyhow, without that we have some singing, which has been a staple of kids shows since Disney became Disney and, with dinosaurs since The Land Before Time 2-13 (?). However, PBS, in all their fantasticness, which is indeed a made up word, has always been on top of children's programming whether you care to admit it or not. We've all watched PBS at some point in our life for Barney or Sesame Street or Carmen San Diego or Thomas even and now, speaking of trains, there's the show Dinosaur Train to consider. Luckily for us Dinosaur Train has a character named king who is, obviously at this point, a Cryolophosaurus with a crest and a voice that is unmistakably an Elvis impersonation. In true form I found a clip of the "Elvisaurus" singing a tune.

©Josep Zacarias (
I also found a pretty good coloring page that we'll all love to color today. I'm hoping that the illustrator will allow us to use it and other animals in the future as he drew them for a coloring book he was trying to produce and they're fantastic for coloring books. We have, sadly, gone over a number of the animals he drew before I found his pictures, but you can use the link in the caption to investigate yourself as well. It's a well done piece of work and he has left out the proto-feathering of Beneteau, so you will not have to color those pesky feathers. Also note that he has included a scalloped crest rather than the highly decorated crest with eyespots that we saw in Beneteau and Conway's illustrations yesterday.

One last thing for today to share with your children and loved ones (or to read yourself if you are a child!) is the entry from the National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever on Cryolophosaurus. The link on Cryolophosaurus is for the ready to read version on Google and the link on the title is for electronic shoppers!

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