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STL Science Center

22 June 2011

Teresa Mayańska

Question: Who was the first to discover Prenocephale dinosaur?

Answer: Prenocephale was discovered in 1974 by Maryańska & Osmólska in Mongolia.

I think we have looked at Osmólska in the past due to her prolific career in Mongolia and the Gobi desert, however, I don't recall really looking into the exploits of Teresa Maryańska. First and foremost, finding a picture of any of the ladies of paleontology is difficult as can be, and Teresa Maryańska is no exception at all! Her last known whereabouts according to the wealth of knowledge that is the internet states that she was associated with the Polish Academy of Science which, at this time, has no listing for her. It is unfortunate for this community that its female members are, while seclusion and not being a celebrity are also great things at times, not followed very well by the sciences as a whole.

However, Maryańska, along with Osmólska, was a prominent Polish paleontologist during the 1964-1971 joint expeditions in the Gobi and is responsible for the describing of many species including the following: Saichania and Tarchia (1977); with Osmólska, Homalocephale, Prenocephale, and Tylocephale (and Pachycephalosauria) (1974), Bagaceratops (1975), and Barsboldia (1981); and with Osmόlska and Altangerel Perle, Goyocephale (1982).

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