STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 June 2011

A Wealth of Kid Time

Who knew Baryonyx would give so much to the children? First, there are the fact pages here and here. Now you can look at either one or both. The second one has slightly more information than the first, but the first site has its merits too. We move away from that, however, and move to London's Natural History Museum. The scientists here have been studying Baryonyx a long while; since it came from the soil of their country they have had a great opportunity to study it so long. They have dedicated a children's website called Finding Baryonyx to this pursuit and it contains many great activities and games for kids to play as well as videos such as this one with Adrian Doyle explaining how some of the tools used to excavate have improved over the years. There are also other dinosaur games and facts on these pages and there's even more to the kids section than that if you click on the kids only link.

Finally, the coloring. There are many pages out there for Baryonyx, but the two below are my favorites. The first on I recommend because it is very factual as well as fun to color. The second one I recommend because I've already colored (as you can see right beside this!).

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