STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 June 2011

William Hammer

Someone we haven't mentioned much at all, mainly because his first headlining moment in paleontology was concurrent with the discovery and description of Cryolophosaurus a decade ago, is William Hammer, PhD. Dr. Hammer teaches at Augustana College in Illinois, a very small school, and is responsible for the majority of what's going on there in the Geological sciences. He has also been funded by the National Science Foundation and, as seen before, worked with the Field Museum and University of Chicago faculty and students. In addition to the original paper on Cryolophosaurus Dr. Hammer has written, with other authors, two more papers on the animal discussing its ancestry and body and behavior. Cryolophosaurus as a known species has a short history and that history exists, in a good part at least, because of Dr. Hammer's work.

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