STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 July 2011

Family friendly Iguanodon

©Encyclopedia Britannica 2010
Iguanodon is one of those dinosaurs that has had a family friendly presence for decades, like "Gertie the Dinosaur" did. There are hundreds of kid friendly websites, such as the Dinos For Kids site and science facts for kids sites, which will educate and present known facts to kids. Then there are sites that allow us to both learn and color like these sites from the Texas Park and Wildlife office and Enchanted Learning. There is also the opportunity to color other random pictures, some not quite accurate, for children:

Of course, let us not forget the toys that you can pick up even at a dollar store that represent Iguanodon. The cheap ones tend to look a lot more like this:
than this, which is what they should look more like:

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