STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 July 2011

A Fun Filled Day

When it comes to children I love to let the science of dinosaurs take a seat as a passenger and let fun take the reigns. As always, I would like to start with linking in a good fact page, Kids Dinos, and National Geographic's Ultimate Dinopedia, because I believe every child should teach themselves something everyday and also because everyone should read a book, even if it is online, every now and then. Now, let us get on to the artistic abilities of our little friends. There are two pages of note.

I'm fairly cheap for a dinosaur toy, buy me!
One is coloring online at Kidopo and the other can be printed out to be colored (rather than coloring then printing out like you can do at the first site) at more of a mom oriented site called SheKnows. I would guess the idea of including in coloring pages is part have fun with your family part "give mom a rest!"

Last, but of course not least, and only last because sometimes you cannot just run out and find a toy you see online and so would have to wait, are the splendid toys of today. Much like Iguanodon, the original toys are pretty sketchy and a bag of dinosaurs at the dollar store probably contains some animal referred to as Camptosaurus. However, as with most dinosaurs, there are museum quality specimens. Depending on the size they can run from $5 to $30 in most stores. A $30 dinosaur is expensive, but the quality on these are usually awesome and the attention to details is usually fantastic as well. The dinosaur above can be found at CollectA for $3.49, not bad for a dinosaur these days with fairly accurate details.

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