STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 July 2011

Movie Madness?

Some documentaries are available today. Some pop reference material too. Iguanodon facts from Dinosaur George and physicist Franklin Rhuel to start:

Now, I have cut up a video, very carefully, to just include the following clip. Dinosaur Planet from Discovery featured a short, about 3 min., clip that included what they called "Dwarf Iguanodon." This Iguanodon is actually modeled after a smaller animal named Rhabdodon. Rhabdodon is thought to be a missing link animal between Hypsilophodonts and Hadrosaurs. Also, Rhabdodon has a very close skeletal structure and look to Iguanodon, so we can use this clip to explore believed and perceived territorial attitudes and confrontation styles of the larger and true Iguanodon:

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