STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 July 2011

Not a popular guy

Camptosaurus stays out of the limelight. Not mentioned in any particular documentaries to my knowledge, Camptosaurus remains under the radar as a dinosaur. This is actually quite odd considering many people know that Camptosaurus exists both child and scientist alike. What is it that causes Camptosaurus to be so under represented in the popular culture? The fact is that Camptosaurus is just too plain to be a popular television or movie subject. Iguanodon has the thumb spikes and the worldwide fossil sites to be a star, Hadrosaurs have all those interesting crests, Sauropods have their immense size, and we could go on all day mentioning things that make dinosaurs stick out so well. Camptosaurus is a beautiful animal and complex and interesting, but nothing that about the animal causes the awe that other dinosaurs evoke unfortunately.

There is one outlet other than books and toys that always draws in dinosaurs these days whether you like card games or anime or not and that thing is the show/game/comics Dinosaur King. If nothing else, Dinosaur King has brought to younger children many many more dinosaurs than television ever did and this can only help to expand the science of paleontology.

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