STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 July 2011

Unleashed on the Culture

Toys get more and more frightening as I get older.
Giganotosaurus has certainly appeared in our world culture in many different places. Science has certainly been affected, as well as books and literature, the toy market, television documentaries and dramas (as we saw on Monday), and even clothing. The strangest fact about Giganotosaurus in the public eye is that many people do not realize that it is a different dinosaur from many other large carnivores. Of course, we can see this happen in our world in any area of life; cars, planes, insects, etc. People that are not specifically interested in a subject tend to lack knowledge of the subject, and that is fine, but as scientists we can tell Giganotosaurus apart from Allosaurus or Tyrannosaurus. This lack of differentiation, though, keeps some newer animals, like Giganotosaurus from becoming as popular as previously known dinosaurs.

Just a wee lad we now know.
However, Giganotosaurus continues to gain recognition throughout the world, if slowly, as quite possibly the largest theropod, certainly larger than Tyrannosaurus, that the world has ever seen. As that fact becomes more common I guarantee that Giganotosaurus will become as popular as Tyrannosaurus and maybe even spawn some giant statues like the one beside this paragraph. It would have to be taller of course, because Tyrannosaurus is now just your average size dinosaur since the discovery of Giganotosaurus.

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