STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 August 2011

Feet in the mud

Articles about Muttaburrasaurus are somewhat rare it would seem. This is okay, but it does hamper our understanding of the animal and it does make it difficult to compare theories (like mine and Ralph Molnar's assertions that the thumb spike is not present in Muttaburrasaurus) because it is hard to prove someone wrong or right without any ability to locate evidence. Of course, papers exist, there wouldn't have been an official name accepted without a description and naming, but these are not readily available online. What I have found to share, however, is of interest anyhow. It is an article on an assessment of the dinosaur tracks found in Lark Quarry in Queensland. I hope that everyone enjoys the photos included and either finds the conclusions agreeable or enjoys coming up with their own theories off of the illustrations and photographs.

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