STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 August 2011

For the Kids

Albertosaurus, like Tyrannosaurus, is a big draw for kids; kids that know it exists at least. Partly due to the fact that it so resembles a T. Rex that it is often mistaken, but the allure is also due to the fact that it was a massive predator of large size that children are typically in awe of. The size of dinosaurs alone often impresses young children and Allosaurus, with its large teeth and thick muscled body look just as enormous to a young child as a T. Rex does. Thankfully, other sites on the internet agree with me and have fact files for children, coloring pages mixed in with facts, and even unrealistic, but pretty awesome anyway, pages to color. There are also toys, there usually are, and static models of Albertosaurus that are quite fantastic. One thing I found that I wasn't expecting when looking for things children might find entertaining about Albertosaurus was that the dinosaur comic Les Dinosaures has featured a short strip from their upcoming release introducing the Albertosaurus into their second volume of comics.

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