STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 August 2011

Interesting status of a dino-avian

I am on the fence with what to believe about Caudipteryx. My childhood and heart tell me dinosaur on evolutionary path to being a bird but a part of me wants to remain open enough to accept and review and make judgements on the other two arguments surrounding the bird origin. For now Caudipteryx is a dino-bird. It covers the majority of all three theories in a small, totally incorrect, but easy to use label. Considering all of the debate about what a Caudipteryx is one would imagine there would be more interest in it in popular culture. However, we only have a few scant toys, some books like this one, t-shirts, and Spore videos like the one below to show for one of the more debatable animals in the fossil record. I hope this improves as we learn even more about Caudipteryx.

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