STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 August 2011

It's nice out, go, play!

It's nice out in middle America at least. If it's nice out in Australia right now (the weather says it's supposed to rain tonite in Perth) you can go play around a big statue of Muttaburrasaurus with your youngin's like this one here:
You can also go to Lake Quarry if you're in Australia and try to decipher out tracks that may belong to Muttaburrasaurus on the preserved trackway. If it's too late, or not as nice where you are, you can read to your children from the fact files, and you can also read to them while they color this slightly odd looking Muttaburrasaurus. Don't forget the Muttaburrasaurus toys either though. Parents probably hate that I tell them to buy more and more dinosaur toys every week!

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