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STL Science Center

05 December 2011

Eoraptor Movies

Despite the lack of Dinosaur Train clips or whole episodes now that we know there is one episode all about Eoraptor, I do have some clips to share. One of these clips, the first one, is from Discovery's Dinosaur Revolution. I have not watched the entire series, merely clips here and there and, to be honest, I am sort of glad that I have not watched all of the episodes in their entirety at this moment. The clips I have watched all seem to have taken dinosaurs, and I admit that life is funny and living creatures do silly and funny things sometimes, into a medium that I think should be displayed in what the clips of the show truly resemble.

What I mean is that rather than using CGI modelling, the creators should have drawn the dinosaurs in and colored them in 1970's technicolor. The entire show plays out like Looney Tunes with cute funny little segments like a dinosaur making noises at night and keeping a dinosaur up who, in turn, gets mad, stalks off quietly to where the noise is being made, then bites off the offender's head. We know this not because they show it happen, but because a dinosaur starts running across the screen two, no, three times, then appears headless in the middle of the screen and collapses after the sleeping dinosaur has gone back to bed. The Eoraptor segment is no different. I thought it was just a funny little moment of chance encounters at the end of this clip until I started watching other clips of the show and realized that all that was missing was a quarrel between a duck and an oversized rabbit. Here's the clip anyhow:

I wish we had the Dinosaur Train clip so I could actually share some real science after that little entertainment piece, but it is not online. The clip below, however, does make up for it. This is information from some software that can be both CD and online based. The information is found on the website for DinosaurDays. It's got some good info in this clip though, and I think everyone can learn something new from it. I am going to save other clips I have found for Thursday's pop culture day, so enjoy what's here!

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