STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 December 2011

The Popular Mythological Beast

Monoclonius, we have now seen, does not truly exist for a multitude of reasons. Actually, it exists, it's just its own separate genus or species because, unfortunately for this genus, all of the skeletons have been adopted as young or sexually dimorphic representations of other genera and species. The largest popular cultural influences that Monoclonius shared with the world, and continues to share because children and toy companies certainly still recognize the animal, were its roles in documentary pieces like the shots for Prehistoric Beast and Dinosaur! as well being a toy and character in the show DinoRiders. However, there are other places Monoclonius has popped up even in recent years as a toy
Why it looks evil I do not know
and Monoclonius has even survived to make it into the Japanese anime/card game/video game Dinosaur King

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