STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 January 2012

Building A Following

Chasmosaurus is actually a pretty famous genus of dinosaur. One can, but certainly people do not always, tell apart the two species based on their frill shape, their horns, and a number of other reference points, however, liking the dinosaur seems to mostly be liking the genus. Plenty of people like this genus too. Chasmosaurus has appeared in no significant documentaries for any length of time to this point in history. However, it has made it into video games
and it has even had books written entirely about it (as well as books that mention it or contain large sections which discuss Chasmosaurus and its general family). Toys are actually very plentiful for this dinosaur and come in a wide variety of styles. There are discussions about a family unit of Chasmosaurs as well as one for an opened mouth screamer that looks like a Triceratops with an elongated frill, not too accurate. My favorite has to be the one that supposedly came from Oriental Trading (it's no longer in their collection of dinosaur toys) that was labeled as a Styracosaurus. It's my favorite because it has some really interesting coloring and design on the frill that I enjoy.

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