STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 January 2012

The Scholarly Majungasaurus

Majungasaurus on the internet lacks a few things, like coloring sheets for kids, a consensus on illustrations, probably a few other points which I really cannot think of at the moment (there is always something else in contention or not well understood). However, Majungasaurus makes up for any contentions and shortcomings by being an almost literal treasure trove in scholarly papers. Scouring the internet as I am wont to do for papers, articles, and facts, I have come across, in part thanks to the popularity of theropods, in part the work of David Krause and the Malagasy-American dig teams of the past decade, and in part to Larry Witmer's lab at Ohio University, there are copious amounts of literature to scour through. For today, rather than picking one or two great articles or papers that I have perused or had time to read and review I decided that I will stick them in categories and link them as bundles through bitly and you readers can sift through the topics that most interest you. I have only included full papers today, not any abstract only JSTOR articles or any from the JVP that you would need to purchase.

Majungasaurus History, Taxonomy, etc.
Majungasaurus Skull, Nasal, Brain Studies, etc.
Majungasaurus Pathology
Majungasaurus and Biogeography

Hopefully there will be something in these areas that will be enjoyable to study.

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