STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 January 2012

Scouring the Internet, So You Don't Have To

And finding basically nothing! Children have not been introduced to Rapetosaurus in a big way by the internet as yet. Neither Dinosaur train nor Dinosaur King have episodes featuring the animal and Dinosaur King's games, both video and card, lack the rather long necked herbivore as well. There are no coloring pages. There are not any fact files. I am sad to say there is an absolute dearth of information available to children on this dinosaur! Actually, that is not all true. An acquaintance of mine a while back was working on illustrations for a dinosaur book and I asked if I could use his uncolored pieces as coloring book pages when I couldn't find anything else. I believe he had a Rapetosaurus page posted... and here it is!
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