STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 January 2012

Watching Chasmosaurus Strut

In all actuality, there are no videos of Chasmosaurus strutting on the internet. There aren't many videos of this dinosaur at all online. The animal did not make it into any of the Walking With series or any other major documentaries in the past few years. There are so many ceratopsian dinosaurs out there I suppose the documentary makers figure if they put in one they have covered all the dinosaur bases and, typically, the one they go for is Triceratops because it is instantly recognizable. However, the an animal like Chasmosaurus would be fantastically entertaining to watch so it is very unfortunate that there are no videos of this dinosaur online that amount to much of anything. I did find an interesting early 2010 video, before C. irvinensis was renamed, about said species as well as a short video someone in the Czech Republic filmed of the dinosaur park there. I have actually heard a lot about that park, so it's fairly interesting.

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