STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 February 2012

Appearance Is Everything

We tell children every day that no one will remember what shoes they wore a hundred years from now because appearances are not as important as who you are... then we unearth dinosaur bones and all we talk about are the features that make them odd and make them stand out more. That's just an interesting societal note. This is a toy representing Bucky from the Dinosaur Train episode featuring Masiakasaurus:
Head on is a silly angle to look at this character from, but I believe it's accurate to the show if not the dinosaur with the exception that the teeth come together perfectly from what I can tell in this figure and they really shouldn't have. Moving along, however, Masiakasaurus is famous enough to show up in books for children, as shown on Sunday, as well as that piece in National Geographic on bizarre dinosaurs which really helped knowledge about the dinosaur reach the public. Once a dinosaur reaches a certain level of popularity the next place to look is always the Spore creators that place things online. In this instance there are a few, but the model by tyranitararmaldo is the best one out there. Have a look.
The teeth are a little exaggerated, but that is quite alright given the alternative models posted online. That is the popular culture extent of Masiakasaurus for the moment, but I have a feeling that there are more of them to discover in the earths of Africa and that they will be uncovered and more and more people will learn about and like this strange dinosaur.

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