STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 February 2012

The Greatly Known Little Known Dinosaur

Somehow all the years have gone by and Ouranosaurus, despite never achieving documentary level status (why are there not more documentaries about African dinosaurs anyhow?), is actually quite popular with the video producing crowd. There were those "tribute" videos, but almost every dinosaur has those so we are not too impressed by that. However, there are also Jurassic Park game related videos
This one is actually quite well put together with information and, I have to say, I am rather glad that the creator wrote in the information rather than speak clumsily over his video like so many people on Youtube do these days; that does not mean of course that he has a terrible speaking persona, I don't even know the guy! There are a few other Jurassic Park Operation Genesis videos on there but there are also Dinosaur King videos like this very short clip
and someone has even put in an attempt in Spore to create Ouranosaurus; an okay interpretation.
Outside of videos there are always the toys, if we can find them, such as Lego's attempt at a model Ouranosaurus one can build. There are also actual solid models from companies like Battat and Schleich.

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