STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 February 2012

Hunting Through Mesozoic Africa with Children

Afrovenator is one of the least known and least recognized dinosaurs in the world. Things look as though they will stay this way for a long time to come, unfortunately. There are some child friendly sites. I ought to start one for all these dinosaurs I find with little to no available resources for children. There is no Dinos for Kids link today, instead I have the wiki for Dinosaur King and a page called Science Kids, which is a good page overall. There are, unlike for many animals in the past, CollectA figures available. Many dinosaurs haven't had any figures available, but the CollectA collection is noticeably smaller than other toy companies and, in this instance, the only model I could find of Afrovenator anywhere. The real winner this Sunday is Paul Carter, who I am waiting to hear back from, but has drawn a very nice uncolored version of an Afrovenator pair which I present as a coloring page for all you readers who love to color!
©Paul Carter

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