STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 February 2012

Majungasaurus Continues!

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The prevalence of toys of Majungasaurus is not, at this time, so heavy that it would make anyone scream, but there are a few from both serious collections and related to kids links like Dinosaur King. We know that it has infiltrated both the History Channel and the BBC in the recent past, which isn't too big a deal, but documentaries that are fairly accurate are the number one way to spread ideas about dinosaurs and introduce dinosaurs to people not generally involved in paleontology aside from visitation to museums. Besides, if I can pretend to be a Majungasaurus (Majungatholus here) and take out another dinosaur, I'm all for a little playing around. There is still much to learn about Majungasaurus and much that we have not had time to discuss such as the air pathways of Majungasaurus that have been theorized and deduced, but, being self explanatory really, I can post a diagram that can serve as a discussion starter to that end:
If there are any questions that we haven't covered let me know, as always, and I'll dig up an answer!

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