STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 February 2012

Youtube Star!

Afrovenator has not made many movie appearances in any form. No documentaries exist and not one made for television or the big screen movie mentions or shows even so much as a skeleton of the African hunter. There are some amateur videos of the skeleton
but these don't show much that we have yet to see in static pictures. People in the comments question it being a Giganotosaurus, but I would trust that the person taking the video read the nameplate before putting the video up and the Australian Museum in Sydney certainly does have an Afrovenator in the first dinosaur gallery. It's present position does not necessarily mean that it wasn't in this position before. The only other luck you will have in finding videos of Afrovenator is in tribute videos and videos to be shared on Thursday.

Tuesday through Friday I will be here and there with some travel plans, so check in, but if I have not had the time to post on any given day until the evening, I apologize in advance to all.

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