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STL Science Center

01 April 2012

Children Love Airplane Size Reptiles

First and foremost, no April Fool's jokes today. I seriously considered trying something, but I didn't want to in the end. Second, now that March is officially over I would again like to thank all the readers and other blogs that have connected with us here at Dinosaur of the Week like Love in the time of Chasmosaurs in making this past month the most successful month we have had here in sharing our love of dinosaurs, flying reptiles, and other paleo-critters. The final tally for March was 5,122 views, shattering our highest view tally of 2,000ish.

That said and done, on to the children's links for the week! This week we have a veritable forest of links. In part due to Quetalcoatlus' size the amazement this flying reptile has brought to the world has captured enough imaginations that it has become a much sought after subject for all mediums in the wide range of "dinosaur paraphernalia" that one can find in toy stores, coloring books, television and other places. Obviously museums have done their share of sharing this grand animal, see my photo from Houston as one example. There are coloring pages all over including the one shown above, which I thought was a fantastic rendition of both simple coloring fun and an anatomy lesson on the bone placements of Quetzalcoatlus; subliminal learning at its finest for the wee little ones! Instead of linking every individual coloring page I found, check out the first five or so results from this search and I think you will be satisfied.

Returning to us today is Kid's Dinos as well as Kid's Dinosaurs, two different sites, two different formats of learning facts for Quetzalcoatlus, and nice timeline/map graphics for those visual learners. Additionally, there are two episodes of Dinosaur Train, I am saving other documentaries for tomorrow, that feature Quetzalcoatlus. The one that features this animal most prominently is titled "The Wing Kings" and has Mr. Q and Quincy Quetzalcoatlus as its main characters outside the Pteranodon family. That episode should come straight up if you have Netflix and click on this link, but if not, well, if you have Netflix you should be able to navigate from there anyway I would imagine. There are also books and toys, but seeing as how this has been a long enough entry for Kid's Day Sunday, I think I will save those for Thursday!

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  1. Amazing how these dinosaurs look like an airplane! Cool!