STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 April 2012

Famous Stegosaurs in History

Obviously we saw that Tuojiangosaurus is mentioned in both the Weirdest Dinosaurs television program as well as the National Geographic magazine edition that preceded it. It's in both sporting those crazy shoulder spikes unfortunately, but it is there nonetheless. Additionally, I can tell you that the skeletons that are mounted for sure at this time are in Chongqing's Municipal Museum and a cast is on display in London's Museum of Natural History. There are other popular culture areas which Tuojiangosaurus has populated recently. One of these places is Spore, with shoulder spikes:

Another video I found on Youtube is of an origami Tuojiangosaurus, which is just amazing to see. This woman actually has to stop for about 5 seconds in the sped up video to go change into pajamas, that's how long it took her.

There are also Dinosaur King cards that have Tuojiangosaurus featured. I can't tell you how powerful the cards are, but they look pretty mighty for a stegosaurid. They also all have the shoulder spikes. I don't really know who started that, but it's clearly out of control!


  1. Hiya! I am curious if you attract a lot of traffic to this blog?

    1. You know, I didn't for about the first year then, for some reason, it started picking up last year. This past month I have already gotten more hits than I did in Dec. just past and with a few more days left in the month I think I may hit a new high! It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time because now a lot more professionals are starting to notice me, which leads me into conversations with professionals (exciting) but can also lead to confrontation with professionals that disagree (makes me a bit nervous). The long response to the easy question is that I get a fair share of readers these days.