STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 April 2012

It's the Easter Gastonia!

I could, but I will not, put bunny ears on Gastonia today. If there were a picture of it laying eggs I would certainly contemplate decorating those eggs however. There are, though, a few Gastonia links for the kids today if the decided to get away from their high sugar intake. No coloring pages today, but a few links and maybe the Easter Bunny could have brought a Gastonia toy as well. Children should be sure when they search Gastonia, though, that they search for the dinosaur (e.g. "Gastonia dinosaur") and not just Gastonia or they will find themselves in a slew of websites referencing Gastonia, North Carolina. Once those are weeded out there are plenty of books that mention or show Gastonia available. There are also toys, though this particular one was custom made by the poster on the forum. Our typical children friendly fact pages do not return any results, however, does feature a page for Gastonia as does Sheppard Software's dinosaur site. The Sheppard Software site is a little less educational, but it's a good short version of Gastonia.

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