STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 April 2012

Little Screen Time

The Tuojiangosaurus just simply has not made its way onto television and certainly not the movies. The lack of documentaries on Chinese dinosaurs, actually, is quite sad. If anyone wants to donate a couple of million we can try to remedy that, until then, I certainly cannot afford it and we therefore have to find what we can find when we have a Chinese dinosaur as far as movies and television. The one thing we do have is National Geographic's Weirdest Dinosaurs. Granted the animal isn't correct, remember the spike conversations, but it does at least momentarily get mentioned on television at least once. We could make a long series of films on each family's evolution though if you think about it, so even a small mention is not too bad. Take a gander friends (it's in around the 25th minute of the documentary):

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