STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 May 2012

I Get Smarter

Yes kids of the world, yours truly can learn to do things a new way some days even after two years of doing things the hard way. First, our friends at Kid's Dinos have a page to share on Huayangosaurus for your reading pleasure. I still love their little maps and graphs for the kids to look at. I also found an excerpt available online from the National Geographic "Dinopedia" that was designed for kids that is all about Huayangosaurus. Now, on to what I thought of. I really shouldn't say learned, because I knew how to do this before, I just never thought to do it before today. In my search for coloring pages for the family to have fun with I finally had the brilliant idea to search the images on Google in black and white. Why this never occurred to me before today, I do not know, but I found some good ones to share with everyone today! Bear in mind that Huayangosaurus is not really a high demand dinosaur, so the pages I have that you can color today 1) belong to another person and 2) is not very professional.

©Harrison Cooper


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