STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 May 2012

Mamenchisaurus and the Pop Culture Caper

©Hirokazu Tokugawa
1/30 scale model
I always find it strange to report that a dinosaur as extraordinary as Mamenchisaurus has very little to offer us on a popular culture day. There are a few books, though no preview is available online of these books, and there is at least one toy, though it seems this may be the only toy that has been "reviewed" online and that others are certainly out there. There are also scale models, as seen here, which are always neat for dinosaurs, but I personally do not have the space for models of dinosaurs. Perhaps one day I will have a glorious office with space enough for all kinds of dinosaurs on shelves in my office. That day has not yet come though. There are also bigger sculptures that are immobile and jut out of buildings as well as mounted skeletons in museums and models in those museums also. The neck coming out of the building is rather interesting though, for some reason. There is also this awesomeness from the Czech dinosaur park that I sometimes share here:

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