STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 May 2012

Motion Monday

I know I typically call it Movie Monday, but there are not, as I have noticed many times the past month, actual movies and very few documentaries which mention Chinese dinosaurs. Additionally, I would like to once again welcome new readers and thank profoundly all of the old readers as we have, for the first time ever here at Dinosaur of the Week, had an 8,000 plus viewing month! There still being four days in the month I would not be amazed if we got well over 9,000 but I am amazed and happy that I have reached that much of an audience already in the past month.

Monday though. We have a lot of short little user made videos that show very different interpretations of Sinraptor and we also have a few "tribute" videos we can choose from today. The good things about these "tributes" is that they have a lot of different illustrations of the animals, the bad thing is usually that the music is usually some type of numetal horror story that I cannot stand, sorry video makers, I do not like the music you usually pick, I admit it. That said, let us look at a few good examples of Sinraptor videos, "tribute" or otherwise.
It's rare that a dinosaur does not make it into a Dinosaur King reference. It may not be everyone's favorite anime, but it does happen to cover an enormous spectrum of paleo-animals. The first half of this video is a Sinraptor animation, the second half is being mean to a ceratopsian.
Again, the music is not to my taste, but if we're trying to find something I don't like about lots and lots of visuals of a dinosaur than all I am going to complain about is the music. Maybe I'm just stuck in the 90's when it comes to heavy music... and rap... and some other kinds of music.
As far as the tribute videos go, one of the most prolific makers of these videos is this guy: Archosaur King. I think, actually, he's one of the few people that uses music I can't complain about and I like that he finds a lot of images that are not your typical images from a Google search. It's worth the 6 minutes though to see all the different representations.

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