STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 May 2012

Moving Huayangosaurus

Apparently Australia loves animatronic dinosaurs. I found two videos of Huayangosaurus in Dinosaurs Alive! exhibits in two separate locations; Sydney and Adelaide for anyone keeping track.
My favorite part of the one above is the kid at the very end yelling "There's a dinosaur! There!" The other video is the same thing, obviously, but at a different angle, which is helpful if you want to see the details of the model that was created for the exhibit. It's only the head that is shown, however. Great details in the skin and face though, so it's worth a minute of your time.
There really are no actual documentaries which mention Huayangosaurus, again I say we should call for a series on Chinese dinosaurs, and, to my knowledge, there is no mention of them that I can find on Dinosaur Train, the Nickelodeon dinosaur show, or videos of appearances in the Dinosaur King cartoon. Once again, however, I certainly welcome updated information like I received Thursday last week, so if anyone knows of a good video, send it to us to update this entry!

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