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STL Science Center

03 May 2012

Popular Culture is for Other Dinosaurs

Strangely, despite three documentaries which I sampled on Monday, there is no other television mention of Sinosauropteryx which has made any kind of waves. This is okay honestly, but strange. We know some about its diet of mammals and lizards. We have an educated guess pertaining to how it laid eggs, two at the same time, thanks to some fossilized eggs found in the abdomen of one specimen in a place that is much more conducive to the eggs being un-layed rather than undigested eggs.We have also seen the evidence for coloring and feathering as presented and debated many times over in many scholarly papers. Evidence from the rocks around where the fossils have been found indicate a fern covered forest, a freshwater lake, and periodic death by volcano. The temperatures this little fellow lived in were about 50 degrees Fahrenheit as an average through the years.

But where does this leave us in terms of popular culture? Other than debates and interesting new information, what kind of impact has this dinosaur had on the human world? It has a page on Enchanted Learning, though not illustrated, thankfully as their dinosaurs tend to look awful. It also has an entry in The Theropod Database, which is about as dry as science gets in terms of reading, though it is a very useful database to know about; no offense to Mickey Mortimer who compiled the vast amounts of information. There is a very short National Geographic model which takes into account the coloring that I think I should share. Not many of the actual documentary "shots" took the coloration in to consideration.

Also, this needs to be mass marketed:


  1. I'm glad you like my sinosauropteryx plush. These critters are brilliant, I love their patterns! Thanks for featuring me in your article.

  2. You're very much welcome. I can't remember if I tried to send you a message about it, if not I apologize; it's my #1 rule to get permission!

    1. It's alright! I don't recall getting a message, but you linked back to me and that's what matters! I like your blog, going to keep checking back!