STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 June 2012

Children's Ichthyornis

If a child you know is anything like my wife, they will not even want to color an Ichthyornis because they are too scared of birds. However, if the child you spend Sundays with coloring and learning about prehistoric creatures loves birds, like I do, then we have limited, but fun, links to share for learning and coloring. Despite having a wealth of information on Ichthyornis due to all the studies conducted on them, we do not have a lot of child related links. Enchanted Learning has a fact page and, this time, a fairly accurate image that can be colored. In the past their images have been horrendous, but that is typically when we are searching dinosaurs and, in all fairness, I think they may have children contribute their dinosaur images based on the drawing. The only large complaint on this image is that the toothed beak is toothless. We can forget that for now.'s Ichthyornis has an inaccurate beak also, so we cannot really squabble today. Regardless, It's some fun coloring and a bit of learning and some is better than none by far.

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