STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 June 2012

Confuciusornis is Famous, Still Not on Film

Chung the Confuciusornis

Other than Dinosaur Train one does not find Confuciusornis in many videos online at all. In case you missed that episode, it is on Netflix, if you have that as an option. There are, of course, tribute videos. Those always exist. This one isn't so bad really, compared to some that have been available in the past. Then I also have a video from that Czech Dinopark that shows up all the time when I'm looking at videos. I think it is fantastic and wonderful both that this Dinopark has so many animatronic dinosaurs and birds. There should be more places like that. There was one such park recently opened in New Jersey, in the past month actually. Worth checking out.

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