STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 September 2012

Amargasaurus Movies

Amargasaurus is in quite a few amateur videos and it pops up in Dinosaur Train as mentioned yesterday as well as the World Book's Youtube channel. The amateur videos range from tributes to Spore videos with a few amateur question and answer videos in between. There are not any documentaries at present which feature Amargasaurus heavily or exclusively, even the National Geographic special on bizarre dinosaurs does not mention Amargasaurus too much, though the magazine article which preceded it did discuss Amargasaurus at length. Thanks in part to its rather strange composition, Amargasaurus has been re-created many times as an animatronic dinosaur, as it is clearly an attention getter and crowd pleaser when people can see it move about with its unique body. Interestingly enough, the version of the spines reproduced in the animatronic versions of Amargasaurus are typically of the use of the spikes as structuring for the sails along the back of the dinosaur. Lastly, there is a fairly awesome edition of speed drawing, we have shown this before with dinosaurs in the past, of Amargasaurus. Those of us not acquainted with speed drawing only need to know that it consists of a sped up drawing of something, in this case Amargasaurus. It is labeled, in the video itself, Camarasaurus, but it is very clearly not even close to being a Camarasaurus.

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