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STL Science Center

16 September 2012

Bambiraptor: A Fawn For Kids

I actually found a website today that denounces Bambiraptor as a feathered dinosaur and goes further to argue that no feathered dinosaurs other than those which have legitimate fossil feather impressions existed with feathering. It goes on to argue that evidence of quill knobs are not enough evidence to make a statement about a dinosaur having feathers as well. In the end the whole website boils down to statements that twist words such as paleontologists saying things such as "Shuvuuia likely possessed a coat of feathers" and turning it into a statement, which the author says "in English means" that "Therefore, this dinosaur must have had bird feathers" even though the language above clearly states that the animal's covering is an educated, hypothesized, guess. The author states that the book consulted for the post never offers children a look at the fossils themselves and asks children to trust scientists and their "faith" that they're right. Enough about this sort of thing today.

I think given the nature of children they can decide if they believe this dinosaur had feathers all on their own. They can look at the Dinosphere at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis' information site. They can also consult's information about Bambiraptor. This site actually shows the fossils that have been found for children to look at, including the holotype skeleton which shows no feathering at all in it. There is not really anything to color today except this one picture, but it is better than nothing at all. Let the children look at Bambiraptor today and make their own conclusions from the fossils and everything they read, I am sure that they will make some very clever observations and surprise everyone no matter what they believe Bambiraptor looked like while it was a living, breathing animal.
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